The 20 Coolest Comics that will Make Your Day

A lifelong love of humor and an innate talent for condensing life’s absurdities into a single frame have defined Mark Parisi’s career as a cartoonist. Drawing on the diverse range of human experiences, including pets, pop culture, and pandemics, Parisi has carved out a space for himself with “Off the Mark,” drawing influence from figures such as Charles Schulz and Gary Larson.

Humor Comics

Cartoonist Mark Parisi’s humorous and witty drawings are highly known; occasionally they are based on everyday observations. In this section are twenty of his best single-panel illustrations of observational humor that are sure to make you laugh and shake your head.

The capacity to find comedy in ordinary situations and technology mishaps is what makes Parisi such a gifted person. Let’s dive into this compilation and examine the creativity of one of the best cartoonists in the industry.

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