Artist Illustrates Funny Realities Of Living With A Cat

 Artist Illustrates Funny Realities Of Living With A Cat

1. Cats Are Not Allowed To Live In Houses

Cats have been known to live inside houses since ancient times. However, cats were not allowed to stay indoors until the 19th century. Before then, they would roam freely outside. Nowadays, many people keep their cats inside due to the fact that they do not want them to get sick or injured.

2. Cats Have Their Own Bathroom

Cats use their own bathroom just like humans. However, they prefer to use a litter box instead of a toilet. Litter boxes are designed specifically for cats to use. There are different types of litter boxes including plastic ones and wooden boxes. Plastic boxes are easier to clean than wood ones.

3. Cats Can Be Trained

Most cats are trained to use a litter box. Most cat owners teach their cats how to use the litter box before they bring them home. If you are planning to buy a kitten, make sure that you train him/her properly.

4. Cats Do Not Sleep On People’s Bed

If you have ever seen a cat sleeping on someone’s bed, you might think that he/she is trying to steal something. But actually, cats sleep on top of their owner’s bed.

5. Cats Are Not Allergic To Dust Mites

Many people believe that cats are allergic to dust mites. However, this is not true. Dust mites are harmless to cats.

6. Cats Eat Different Foods Than Humans

Cats eat food that is similar to what dogs eat. They love meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables. They also enjoy milk, cheese, and yogurt.

7. Cats Don’t Like Sweets

Cats don’t like sweet foods. They only like dry foods. Dry foods are high in protein and low in fat.











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