Dave Coverly’s 20 one-panel comics highlight the peculiar behaviors of both humans and animals in a lighthearted way

With their delicious blend of wit, sarcasm, and astute observations on the oddities of everyday life, David Coverly’s “Speed Bump” comics have become a popular mainstay in the humor industry. Speed Bump has continuously made people laugh since its 1994 premiere because to its unique aesthetic and accessible subject matter.Speed Bump’s adaptability is one of its advantages.

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Discover the fun universe of “20 Speed Bump Comics” together! As we explore these clever and comical images that are sure to make you smile and laugh, be ready to laugh.

These comics will definitely make you laugh and smile, with their witty puns and realistic scenarios. Enjoy the fun journey through these 20 Speed Bump Comics by reclining and unwinding!

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