20 original one-panel comic sketches with ridiculous

Bizarro Comics: Get ready for an outrageous and entertaining voyage through twenty unique and humorous one-panel illustrations. These illustrations are not your usual cartoons; instead, they are full of absurd and strange scenarios that will make you laugh aloud.

Bizarro Comics

Every panel is expertly designed to offer a distinct and surprising perspective. With every glance, these pictures will have you guessing and laughing with their creative language and bizarre circumstances.

Everyone can find something they enjoy in this anthology, regardless of their preference for dark wit, slapstick comedy, or dry humor. Prepare to go into the depths of hilarious imagination as each painting reveals a unique sense of comedy.

credit: dan piraro

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#1. pretend

#2. didn’t wake

#3. animal service

#4. don’t ask

#5. screaming

#6. still camotose

#7. soldiers

#8. sealed

#9. expecting

#10. less cliched

#11. hilarious

#12. square meal

#13. laugh support

#14. thanks to you

#15. weekend

#16. precedent

#17. much bigger

#18. humiliating

#19. young wizard

#20. every problem

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