20 Brand-New Comics That Are Laugh Out Loud And Funny For Fans Of Dark Humor

Humor Side Comics: In Lee Rubin’s original clever cartoonish panel Rubies, talking cows, dimwitted children, and a variety of plants and animals are featured. Readers all over the world adored Rubin because of his ridiculous worldview and humorous characters. While the idea of dark humor is not new, André Breton, a French surrealist, was the first to coin the term in 1935. Jokes with a dark sense of humor often contain a hint of irony and cover subjects that are typically avoided or difficult to talk about.

Humor Side Comics

With his compilation of 20 hilarious comics, famed cartoonist Leigh Rubin has won over the hearts of people with peculiar sense of humor. People who value the unusual and find amusement in the unexpected will find his distinctive and quirky style appealing.

Those with a taste for quirkiness will find humor in Rubin’s comics’ clever wordplay, surprising turns, and strange scenarios. Rubin’s artistic talent is showcased through each comic, which is skillfully crafted to make readers laugh.

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