This Dog Was Left Behind Because It Was Ugly, But Now Finds A New And Loving Home

Abandoned Dog

Abandoned Dog: A dog owner abandoned their pet when it turned out to be less attractive than the other dogs around. This dog was abandoned for being ‘ugly’ but now finds a new and loving home. This dog was abandoned because of its appearance. The owner didn’t want it anymore, so he let it be adopted by a good guardian who loves it.

Abandoned Dog

This adorable dog was abandoned by his owners after they discovered that he was too “ugly” to be taken to the dog pound.  Luckily, the animal shelter’s workers saw that he had a good heart and gave him a new home.

An animal shelter recently found a dog who was rejected by his owner and left at the shelter. When his new handler came to take him away, they were shocked when they saw how ugly he really is. Yet, they had no choice but to accept him because of his sad story.

#1. He is so vibrant and has given us so much, I think.

#2. We can now clearly see that everything was a miracle when we look back on it all. Currently, Beaux Tox appears to be the happiest puppy. Look at him, please.

Abandoned Dog

#3. Even still, Riley benefits from Beaux’s puppy-like behavior since it keeps Riley youthful.

#4. Despite their age gap, they are a match made in heaven. (Beaux is 6 and Riley is 13)

#5. They grow to be close friends.

Abandoned Dog

#6. Riley and Beaux genuinely adore one another.

Abandoned Dog

#7. However, Beaux received intense care from Dr. Jay Rydberg and the love of Jamie, curing his illness.

Abandoned Dog

#8. I simply didn’t want him to be returned to the foster care system.

#9. But Jamie, his partner and true best friend, saved him at that precise moment.

#10. His brains and charming demeanour, though, were noteworthy despite the disability.

Abandoned Dog

#11. His appearance was the result of being crushed as one of the six dogs when he was still a foetus in his mother’s womb.

#12. Beaux Tox here. the Labrador Retriever with a birth defect to its face.

#13. The individuals who were breeding him were unable to sell him due to his facial abnormality.

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