These Wild Cat And Loving Creatures

These Wild Cat And Loving Creatures

Ten years ago, I was on safari in Zambia when I first met a lion. It was night and the animal had just come out of the darkness to sit by our campfire, staring into its dying embers. There was nothing really special about that encounter with this magnificent animal, except for how close it came to us. It seemed so curious and at ease – and a little hungry, as we were cooking dinner.

I’ve spent 10 years photographing these wild and loving creatures on my travels around Africa – from the eastern shores of Kenya to Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains; from South Africa’s rich Cape landscape to Senegal’s vast wilderness; over five countries in all. I have seen them in their natural habitats and been fortunate enough to observe them hunting, catching prey and sleeping. As they go about their daily lives they demonstrate incredible resilience in the face of adversity – whether it be poaching, loss of habitat or living.

In this section we will cover more about the author, the cats and their habitat, the way they are photographed. The title of this article is called Big Cats: I’ve Spent 10 Years Photographing These Wild And Loving Creatures. In this article he talks about how many years he has been photographing these big cats and how wild and loving they are. He talks about his experience with these animals. He also shares information on what he does when taking pictures of them. It tells about how he works with them so that there is no danger for him or for them in any of his shoots so that there can be no injuries in any of his photos.












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