These 20 Irrational Comics by Mark Parisi Will Surely Make You Laugh

The comic book company Off the Mark, created by gifted cartoonist Mark Parisi, has cemented its position as a comedic mainstay in the industry. Since its 1987 release, Off the Mark has given readers a daily dose of humor by offering a perceptive and accessible look at life’s oddities through Parisi’s unique artistic perspective.

Humor Comics

You’ll laugh so hard and smile so broadly when you read Mark Parisi’s 20 Crazy Comics. These charming comics by Mark Parisi are a must-see for everyone searching for a good chuckle because they have his distinctive humor and graphic style.

These comics showcase Mark Parisi’s creative creativity, each presenting a distinct and amusing take on ordinary circumstances. Whether you’ve always loved his work or are just now becoming aware of it, these comics will make you smile with their sharp humor and deft narrative.

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