These 15 Adopted Cats were returned to the shelter for the silliest of reasons

Adopted Cats

Adopted Cats: Adopting a pet can be a rewarding experience, but sometimes people make the decision to return their cats to the shelter for some of the most ridiculous reasons. From cats that were too noisy to cats that wouldn’t stop meowing, these stories of adopted cats being returned for silly reasons will leave you in awe.

Adopted Cats

No one can ever avoid rescue stories due to some innate quality. No matter how many tissues you’ve gone through trying to dry your tears or how many times a single pet rescue story breaks your heart, your curiosity about how it will turn out and your slight annoyance after reading how it started all keep you captivated right up to the very end.

Cat stories always have happy endings because one way or another, they are either saved in the end or they save the person who saved them. Simply put, there are a few more challenges for a cat to overcome before reaching a happy conclusion.

#1. They completely made things up in order to give away the cat.

#2. There is no way to separate the two once that irreversible tie has formed.

Adopted Cats

#3. One person’s burden is another person’s treasure.

#4. My friend has had a blind cat for more than 8 years… Please accept.

#5. This is the type of energy our planet requires.

Adopted Cats

#6. It is difficult to locate a cat that is naturally inclined to interact with humans.

Adopted Cats

#7. Couples who sleep together stay together.

Adopted Cats

#8. It only takes a little patience and training to accomplish all you want it to.

#9. It takes time, but cats will always open the gates since they are daring and adventurous lovers.

#10. Keep her since she is a rare find.

Adopted Cats

#11. Please don’t make it feel desperate; instead, give it all the cuddles it requires.

#12. They missed out on the greatest happiness ever because they had two pets and a toddler.

#13. They blamed the cat for their own stupidity.

#14. Returned because I wanted to love you. That makes complete sense.

Adopted Cats

#15. What else is a cat supposed to be if not talkative?

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