20 Hilarious Single-Panel Cartoons By Speed Bump Can Make You Laugh

Every single-panel comic strip is a pleasure to view because of one image with a clever punchline, and Dave Coverly is the one who is an expert in it. He is a cartoonist well known for his Speed Bump comic strip. It is a one-panel cartoon with smart and hilarious comments on many different kinds of real-life topics, including animal and human behavior differences.

Speed Bump Cartoons

Dave Coverly possessed artistic skills from a young age. He drew cartoons and comics throughout his school years. Dave Coverly is an award-winning artist. He says that the path to becoming a syndicated cartoonist is never easy. Before finding success with Speed Bump, it required him improving his skills, sending his work to different publications, and getting rejected.

Before the internet, the only way for him to get a viewership for his single-panel drawings was to make them distributed, which was his dream. He continued to receive rejection letters for an eighth year. In 1994, Creators Syndicate extended an offer to hire him. Newspapers all over the nation began publishing my work when he came up with the title Speed Bump. Since he was young, it has been his greatest dream.

Comic’s Author: Dave Coverly

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#1. Inventor Of Auto Correct

#2. Forgetful

#3. Sniff Your Hand First

#4. Free Will Exists

#5. Don’t Want Them Over Excited

We questioned the artist about any practices or special places that he goes to come up with ideas for new comics. He revealed that he reads hundreds of books to find inspiration. For him, the two aspects that are most important are that the ideas should try to make us understand the experiences that we all share, and the second one is that they should be humorous.

#6. Not Making Eye Contact With You

#7. Library Rejected Your Request

#8. Eaten All The Ingredients

#9. Operator Will Assist You

#10. Matching Is Fine

When he comes up with an idea, he hopes that readers will be able to relate to it and add their own points of view. Hearing from people whenever something he posts is one of his favorite things. It is such a great connection. That’s why he mostly reads the comments of his fans on his posts. Most of the time, he finds people’s comments positive.

#11. Enough Socializing

#12. The Bad News

#13. Only Reads News Written By Cats

#14. Emotional Support Dog

#15. Walking Behind Us

In his comics, he mostly draws humor from everyday situations, making them relatable to a wide audience. You can see a dog struggling with technology, dealing with awkward social interactions, or simply having a relatable moment of forgetfulness. Please write about your thoughts on your favorite comic in the comment section. Keep supporting the Humor Pets by sharing the content as much as possible.

#16. Such An Over Achiever

#17. Unpredictable And Snappy

#18. Final Wish

#19. Bad Dog

#20. Free Medical Advice

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