Here Are 20 Single-Panel Comics That Depict Funny Situations By Scott Hilburn

Laughter is a very effective kind of treatment. Humor has the power to improve moods and decrease depressive and anxious thoughts. It encourages feelings of happiness and a more positive perspective. Humor Pets comics are the best choice when one is looking for a good laugh. We have a delicious treat ready for you. So grab a cup of tea or coffee because Scott Hilburn is back on the Humor Pets with another collection of fantastic comics.

Single-Panel Jokes

Let’s talk about his educational and family background before going to the comic section. Texas is where Scott Hilburn was raised. He started his master’s program in psychological therapy and counselor training after receiving his degree from Argosy University. But the artist made the decision to stop going to school in order to follow his centuries-old goal of becoming a cartoonist because of his interest in drawings.

The comic artist said that he finds inspiration for his works in popular culture, references to historical events, or by combining representations from fairy tales or animals with human situations and everyday lives. Though not as many, some of his ideas arise from things he has heard and observed since his childhood. You can understand his comic theme more clearly by visiting the following compilation of comics.

Comic’s Creator: The Argyle Sweater

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#1. No Little Diabetes Before Dinner

#2. Creating Linked In Profile

#3. Meaning Of The Word

#4. Embarrassing Day In The History Of Swiss Army

#5. Go Get That Toy

According to Scott Hilburn, one of his main influences was Larson. Furthermore, he read cartoonists from the New Yorker, such as Tom Cheney and Sam Gross. He was always amazed at how much a given-panel comedian could convey in a single frame, particularly when the comedy was implied and demanded the viewer think. He attempts to capture that moment in his own cartoons. So, he took the initiative in the form of The Argyle Sweater Comics.

#6. Pick Up Her Husband Remains

#7. Scores A Hit

#8. So Many Steps

#9. Just Take Them Off

The artist’s main goal is to make people laugh through his single-panel jokes. He believes that laughter helps you deal with challenges and stressful situations. It allows you to release tension and approach difficulties with a more positive attitude. For a perfect laugh, there is no better option than enjoying his best comics along with a cup of coffee.

#10. Blinded By The Light

#11. Rest Area

#12. Use The Stopper

#13. Lazy Muggles

#14. Pollinated On The First Date

#15. Big Revolution

#16. Need A Tutor

There’s good news if you have an interest in this blog and would like to read it more. Some of his previous posts are also available on Humor Pets. To accomplish this, simply click here or here, or visit Humor Pets for more information. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have in the comment section. To read more fantastic content, kindly return to Humor Pets and forward this blog.

#17. Removal Of Tattoo

#18. Don’t Forget That Cats Love Cheetos

#19. Smell Like

#20. Another Birthday Party

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