Scott Hilburn Creates 20 One-Panel Comics To Make People Laugh

In such a busy world, everyone is busy with their own tasks and in a hurry. They have plenty of time to enjoy themselves. That’s why most people prefer single-panel jokes to enjoy, because single-panel comics are famous for their concise form and one-line jokes. In making such comics, there is no better artist than the one and only Scott Hilburn.

Scott Hilburn’s Cartoons

Let’s talk about the artistic journey of Scott Hilburn. He is the king of the single-panel comic strip. The Argyle Sweater is a daily comic strip created by cartoonist Scott Hilburn. It is famous for its single-panel humor. He draws influence from the legendary Gary Larson along with cartoons found in The New Yorker and National Lampoon. That’s why he follows his style and theme because his comics motivate him to create his own comic series.

Scott Hilburn began with a love for drawing and a perfect sense of humor. He also doodled funny characters or situations in his notebooks from a young age. He takes art classes and even enrolls in comic-specific programs to master his skills and learn the craft of storytelling through panels and sequential art. The artist also says that reading comics by established artists and cartoonists exposes him to different styles and approaches to humor.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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#1. Live forever

#2. Best Seats Ever

#3. Get Plenty Of Water

#4. The Talk

#5. Toss Cookies

Hilburn has grown used to the single-panel format over time since it matched his comedic style and let him concentrate on making a powerful punchline with just one picture and a caption. He says that the single-panel format is enough for him to make people laugh. According to him, it is never easy to make people understand only through one image and punchline until you are perfect and master like him.

#6. Get Invited To Another Party
#7. Conducting Research

#8. Found The Tomb

#9. Smell The Roses

#10. No Instrument

#11. Sad Story Of Split Peas

When we asked how he gained so much popularity, he said that creating a successful comic strip takes time and persistence. Hilburn likely submitted his work to syndicates and publications and continued refining his art based on feedback or what his audience liked. Then he makes changes in his style according to the fans interests

#12. Plus Sizes

#13. Reviews For The Hotel

#14. So Clever

#15. Talk To Me 

#16. So dramatic

#17. Neat Bowl Holder

For updates and random other stuff, follow The Argyle Sweater on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Argyle Sweater comics have been collected into multiple volumes and released as books. If you have any more queries, do ask them in the comment area. Remember to return to Humor Pets for more great content and to share this blog.

#18. Much Cleaner Job

#19. Caribbean Vacation

#20. Found Under His Bed

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