Artist Scott Hilburn Creates Cartoons Full of Surprising Twists and Endings (20 Comics)

We are back to talk about a comics creator who combines popular culture, historical references, and human positions and experiences with animals and characters from stories about animals. When we talk about these characteristics, then suddenly Scott Hilburn comes to mind. If so, then you are right, because we are going to talk about him. We have discussed him before on Humor Pets, which you can read by tapping on the links provided here or here.

Scott’s Surprising Cartoons

Scott Hilburn started his career with the web comic title The Argyle Sweater. It is a syndicated comic strip appearing in major newspapers like The New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times. This comic strip is for those who have a strong understanding of the format and audience for newspaper comics. He also gets motivation from the king of single-panel formats, whose name is Gary Larson.

Scott Hilburn says that he did not directly start this comic series. There is a lot of struggle and hard work behind this comic series. When he was six years old, he mostly watched the single-panel cartoons on The Far Side. He almost read every comic of his. Then he starts dreaming about making such comics with his own title. So, he starts to learn about graphic design and other drawing tools.

Comic’s Author: Scott Hilburm

Profiles Information: Instagram | Facebook | Website

Get ready to enjoy his best twenty comics in the following section. We guarantee that your time will be worth it to watch these comics. Have a great time enjoying these comics.

#1. Congratulations

#2. Be Honest

#3. Whole Maintenance Department

#4. The Forbidden Temple

#5. The Fall of Empire

You can see that each Argyle Sweater comic is a single panel designed to deliver a quick laugh and witty observation. The artist believes that this format requires a tight focus on basic humor and a strong punchline to laugh effectively. In his comics, you can see animals engaging in philosophical discussions, everyday objects coming to life, and strange creatures in bizarre situations.

#6. Draw Like French Girls

#7. Job Interviews

#8. Right Here

#9. Airplane Mode

#10. Just Took A DNA Test

His comics sometimes explore serious and hilarious philosophical issues regarding life, death, and the afterlife. Scott Hilburn has been successful in the traditional newspaper comic industry, despite its unique humor. He is now active on a number of social media sites, where he provides content and primarily engages with the public by reading their comments.

#11. Let Me See Those Directions

#12. Got My Nose

#13. Receives An Unwanted Visit

#14. Afraid Of Traditional Enhancement

#15. Twisted And Laughed

#16. There Is A Lot Going On Here

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#17. Part Time Job

#18. Eat It First And Then Deliver

#19. Egg Beater

#20. Delete Cookies

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