20 Times Scott Hilburn Portrays Jokes And Laughing Scenarios in One-Panel

Scott Hilburn has a special talent for making readers laugh with his one-panel comics. Hilburn has a loyal following of fans, and his cartoons can make viewers laugh because of his creative sense of humor. Due to his fabulous content and perfect sense of humor, 105,000 people have become fans of his comics from all over the world. If you are also from one of them, then keep scrolling and enjoy reading this article.

One-Panel Jokes

Scott Hilburn’s path to becoming a cartoonist was not as typical as that of other artists. He actually has degrees in both digital arts and psychology. He even started pursuing a master’s degree in clinical psychology before ultimately deciding to chase his lifelong dream of being a cartoonist. Before becoming a full-time cartoonist, Hilburn worked in a surprising field as a flash developer, creating e-learning modules.

In 2006, he mastered his skills on an online comic platform and eventually landed a syndication deal with Andrews McMeel Syndication in 2008, launching The Argyle Sweater to the world. He openly acknowledges the influence of legendary cartoonist Gary Larson on his work but also cites inspiration from sources like The New Yorker cartoons and artists like Sam Gross and Tom Cheney.

Comic’s Author: Scott Hilburn

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Get ready for a laugh attack with some of Scott Hilburn’s best comics. These single-panel gems are packed with witty observations about everyday life, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, settle in, and prepare to be amazed by hilarious world. You will not regret it!

#1. Last Week’s Incident

#2. Still Frozen

#3. Which One Is Yours?

#4. Feeling Better

#5. Possessed By Satan

#6. Royal Chariots

The Argyle Sweater’s simplicity is what makes it so beautiful. Hilburn is able to set up an atmosphere and deliver a punchline in one panel and a few well-chosen words. Despite their somewhat weird comedy, the comics’ relatability comes from their exploration of the silliness and awkwardness of daily life. Hilburn finds humor in everyday situations, taking them to an unexpected and hilarious extreme. 

#7. Cover Up

#8. Poisoned Pickled Peppers

#9. Pushed Little Too Hard

#10. Take A Dollar Off

He says his comics are ideal for a fast laugh on the run because of their one-panel structure. The basic awkwardness creates a deeper connection with readers through the surprising turns. Hilburn’s special sense of humor will simultaneously make you laugh and think. His comics always have funny twists, while occasionally they touch on greater subjects.

#11. Delivering Babies

#12. Only Play One Instrument

#13. There’s Stranger

#14. Some Attachments Stay Long

#15. Those Melting Moments

#16. Doing This A Long Time

If you are hungry for more laughs, visit in detail the world of Scott Hilburn by clicking here and here. There is a lot of funny content waiting to be discovered, from hilarious animal behaviors to hilarious observations on human nature. To keep the laughter flowing, consider bookmarking Humor Pets, which can be your go-to source for daily doses of humor.

#17. Get Something To Clean It

#18. Two More Orders

#19. Just Making Sound With His Mouth

#20. Gaming Systems

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