Scott Hilburn’s 20 Hilarious Cartoons Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Welcome to another blog. We know most people are huge fans of Internet sensation Scott Hilburn. Many of his fans are looking forward to the release of his new comics. We also make every effort to provide you with the best Scott Hilburn content possible. Let’s introduce you to another fine collection by this brilliant artist. You must read this blog through to the very end in order to do this. We are confident that reading this will boost your mood.

Scott Hilburn’s Cartoons

Scott Hilburn is the creator of first launched The Argyle Sweater online in December 2006. This shows that it started as a web comic before print syndication. He masters his artistic skills and comedic voice in a community for cartoonists known as Comic Sherpa. This platform provided valuable feedback from other cartoonists, helping Hilburn refine his art style and comedic timing.

When it comes to the official release of this comic book series, The Argyle Sweater achieved a major turning point in 2008 when it began to appear in newspapers all over the country. Its position in the comic strip industry was confirmed by this syndication, which gave him access to a much larger audience. It is for this reason that he has amassed 105,000 followers on Instagram.

Credit: The Argyle Sweater

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To brighten your day, enjoy some of his greatest comics:

#1. Ancestry

#2. Knock The Door

#3. Thank You For The Cleaning

#4. No Brownies Before Dinner

The humor in The Argyle Sweater draws inspiration from artists like Gary Larson. In his childhood, he mostly watched comics and decided to dream about creating his own comic series. But the issue is that he does not have such perfect drawing skills. Later on, he collaborated with Andrews Syndication. This syndication publishes his comics on a weekly basis, which ultimately makes him popular all over the world.

#5. Make Me Scarier

#6. Written Language

#7. Draw Your Blood

#8. Heated Seats

#9. Searched Too Hard

In his comics, we can see every type of creature. We can see mostly animals, such as cats, dogs, and bears. There are mostly non-living things in his comics. Scott Hilburn mostly creates surprising scenarios to make his comics look eye-catching and appealing. By working hard, this comic strip also likely has a presence on social media platforms and his own personal website.

#10. Wild Life Conversation Area

#11. Impressive Resume

#12. Amateur Surgeon

#13. Seen a Rainbow

#14. Still Can’t Find Them

#15. Fully Automated Farm

The Argyle Sweater is available on other comic strip websites and social media platforms in addition to its own website. However, Humor Pets is the ideal location for it. All you have to do to do this is touch here or go to Humor Pets in detail. Kindly use the comment box to ask any other questions you may have. Please take a moment to forward this blog and return to Humor Pets to read more wonderful posts.

#16. Nasty Paper Cut

#17. Doing Business is Good

#18. New Plug In

#19. Let Me Be

#20. Wookie Surprise

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