Cats Acted So Goofy, Their Owners Thought They Were Broken

Cats Acted So Goofy, Their Owners Thought They Were Broken

Cats are a fascinating species. They can be sweet and affectionate, or wickedly mischievous. Some let you know they’re happy by purring while cuddling with you. Others will make you think they’re broken when they do something so goofy that their human is convinced it has to be because of some kind of neurological issue. These behaviors may seem unusual at first, but once you learn about why cats do the things they do, it makes a lot more sense. These are just some of the reasons cats act in ways that humans can find perplexing from time to Again, what seems strange at first may not be as abnormal as it seems once you understand the specifics of your feline friend’s character and lifestyle.

People have a weird sense of humor. We can all relate to the idea that sometimes our friends and family can be strange and we just need to roll with it. But sometimes, their strangeness is just too much! Cats are masters at cracking us up without even trying. These kitties know exactly how to make our day better by making us laugh at their silly shenanigans.






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