20 Comics to Make You Laugh All Morning.

The unique visual aesthetic of the “Close to Home” comics is a testament to John McPherson’s artistic talent. Every panel brings the characters, distinguished by their oversized features and humorous expressions, to life. The longevity of McPherson’s fame can be attributed to his meticulous attention to detail and his capacity to turn banal circumstances into hilarious masterpieces.

Humor Comics

There is nothing like John McPherson’s ability to make the ordinary hilarious. His comics are always guaranteed to make you grin, whether they are making fun of technology, family dynamics, or even just the small pleasures and annoyances of daily life.

These webcomics are unique in that they make laughing seem like a natural emotion. McPherson’s astute insights and deft pacing allow the humor to naturally flow without being pushed or overdone.

Credit John McPherson

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