20 Comics for a Daily Dose of Hilarious Fun

Bill Whitehead’s ability to write witty and entertaining scenarios is the core of “Free Range.” Using puns, clever wordplay, or his acute observation of the peculiarities of human behavior, he infuses commonplace events with humor in his cartoons. Every comic is a miniature work of humorous art.

Humor Comics

Readers may expect a voyage filled with joy when they pick up “Twenty Comics for Your Daily Dose of Hilrious Fun” by Bill Whitehead. Anyone’s day will be made happier by this collection of comics because of its great comedy.

Known for his wit and deft narrative, Bill Whitehead offers twenty cartoons that will make you smile. All of the comics are meticulously designed to make you laugh out loud and give you a much-needed break from the everyday grind.

Credit Bill Whitehead

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