19 comics with goofy humor and weird situations

Humor Comics: We would like to introduce the cartoonist Scott Hilburn today. Funny thing is, folks might laugh at Scott’s one-panel comics without saying anything else. Usually, the artist produces short comics. Scott routinely has his comics published in more than ten newspapers. 

Humor Comics

Most people think Scott’s comedy to be really funny. We hope you enjoy the humor. The comic created by the author is titled “The Argyle Sweater.”

The comic created by artist Scott has been published in a variety of newspapers, including the LA Times, NY Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, and others. On Instagram, he has 103K fans that sincerely appreciate his work. Scroll down to admire the amazing artwork of Scott Hilburn.

More info: Instagram | patreon.com


Humor Comics



Humor Comics




Humor Comics


Humor Comics


Humor Comics




Humor Comics





Humor Comics




Humor Comics


Humor Comics
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