16 Adorable Cat Pairs from Twitter that demonstrate the superiority of two cats over one

Adorable Cat Pairs

Adorable Cat Pairs: Cats don’t like sharing. In fact, putting two cats together can cause all kinds of drama. But a Polish couple recently proved that two cats can actually be better than one after posting photos of their snuggling companions’ heads on Instagram.

Adorable Cat Pairs

The fact that cats are the cutest animals in the world is not a secret; everyone is aware of this and publicly supports it. Unless you’re one of those folks who claims you’ll never fall in love with a cat. I just have one piece of advice for those people: wait till a cat picks you out, and love will come naturally. 

This is the reality, it’s the cat that adopts the human because if it wasn’t the cat’s wish to “be adopted”, it wouldn’t have stayed at its owner’s house for a minute. In other words, when it comes to cats, the process is reversed.



Adorable Cat Pairs




Adorable Cat Pairs


Adorable Cat Pairs


Adorable Cat Pairs




Adorable Cat Pairs





Adorable Cat Pairs

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