14 images of a dog with an owl as best friend

Dog Who Has Owl: Who said that animals can’t be friends? This amazing story of a dog who has owl best friends will make your day! These photos show the special bond between this dog and his owl friends, and it will definitely bring a smile to your face. From playing together to cuddling up for naps, these photos prove that friendship knows no boundaries. So take a look at these adorable photos of this dog and his owl best friends, and get ready to have your day made!

Dog Who Has Owl

Dogs are fantastic at making friends, not just with people but also with other animals. Consider Ingo as an example. He is a German Shepard and his best friends are owls. You’d be surprised to learn from the article how closely he is connected to his owl friend Poldi. When one thinks of a dog’s best friend, an owl is probably not the first animal that comes to mind.

Wildlife photographer Tanja Brandt offered an original viewpoint on this friendship. The feathered and furry members of Tanja’s family include Ingo and his owl companions. In contrast to the rest of my family, I have always loved animals, ever since I was a baby, says Brandt. When I was younger, I would hide all kinds of pets from my parents.



Dog Who Has Owl




Dog Who Has Owl


Dog Who Has Owl


Dog Who Has Owl




Dog Who Has Owl





Dog Who Has Owl

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