Couple Adopted Paralyzed Cat And Their Story Went Viral

Couple Adopted Paralyzed Cat And Their Story Went Viral

1. February 27 is a day I will always remember. That was the day that we got our miracle cat, Zack. As soon as I saw this tiny little kitten, with his little stumpy legs and a brace on his front right leg, I knew I wanted him. We fought through all of the red tape and found a home for him. He has now went on to be the perfect little snuggle bug and has won over most of our hearts. Zack has brought a lot of joy into our lives and I will always be grateful to him for coming into our lives.

2. They went by the names “Buddy” and “Babycakes” before they were paralyzed and couldn’t care for themselves. Luckily, they found a loving forever home with a retired couple who didn’t have any pets of their own.

3. The internet is a wonderful place to follow stories, and the couple in this blog post found that out the hard way. When they met their two cats they were inseparable. They even named them after the other. One day, the family was walking their cats and they noticed that one of the cats looked very ill. The vet diagnosed them with kitten paralysis and was not sure that the cat would make it. The couple was devastated and decided to give their cats a chance. The few weeks later, one of the cats miraculously recovered but the other couldn’t get up. They have been waiting every moment for the other one to get up, but it never happened. Their story has now gone viral after the first cat got up.

4. Today, many people want to adopt a cat or a dog to keep them company. Cats and dogs are expressions of love and companionship that one can never have enough of. One such couple adopted a cat, but their story went viral because it was so moving. Here are the details of their story and the incredible pic of the cat.








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