Jenny Jinya’s latest comic made you both laugh and cry at the same time

Jenny just posted new comics on his Instagram. I did smile as a result. Adorable Reaper Dog and Cat. To Tell the Truth, Your Tragic and Heartbreaking Work Makes Me Smile. (Not Right Away…)I’m Too Busy Crying Initially.) However, I’m happy that you create these comics to draw attention to animal cruelty, suffering and loss, and even love. Kindly Continue To Make Them!

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You know how it feels to find an artist who takes your heart, tramples it underfoot, and then gives it back to you all bow-tied and pretty? Jenny Jinya, a comic book artist who appears out to make us cry uncontrollably, gives off a mood like that.

With her most recent piece, “The Two Most Interesting Tales From ‘Jenny Jinya,’ A Comic Book Artist Usually Causing Tears (20 Photos),” Jinya demonstrates her skill at delivering an intense emotional punch. This artist has a gift for making us feel everything, from poignant tales of friendships between species to heartbreaking tales of loss and despair.

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