2 of the Most Interesting Tales From “Jenny Jinya,” a Comic Book Artist Usually Accompanied By Tears (20 Images)

Through her powerful and thought-provoking drawings, Jenny Jinya, an Instagram artist, has garnered a substantial following of 747,000 users. Her work is well known for its poignant messages and emotional impact, especially when it comes to environmental issues and animal welfare.

Cats Comics

People, fasten your seatbelts because we are going to take you on a fantastical and emotional voyage through the world of Jenny Jinya, the comic book artist who always manages to make us both laugh and cry.

The first story is “Good Night,” about a cute little kitten named Luna who just wants to get some much-needed sleep. But as we all know, life sometimes throws us curveballs, and in Luna’s case, that curveball is a mischievous puppy who won’t leave her alone. Even the most unflappable reader will laugh and want to grab a box of tissues at the shenanigans that ensue.

Credit: Jenny Jinya

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#1. Story About Black Cats



















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