20 “Speedbump” Funny Comics That Will Brighten Your Mood

One feature that sets Speedbump apart is its universality. Covertly skillfully uses the readers’ shared experiences to inject humor into everyday situations. By finding humor in ordinary situations, such as the challenges of parenthood, the quirks of technology, or the anomalies of interpersonal relationships, Speedbump Comics forges a bond with its audience.

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Featuring twenty hilarious comics by the amazingly talented Dave Coverly, they are guaranteed to make you smile. Dave Coverly is well-known for his intelligent and amusing comic strip “Speed Bump,” which has been enjoyed by readers for many years. Throughout his comics, he always presents commonplace events and human quirks in a clever and humorous manner.

Coverly is a unique gift for discovering humor in the ordinary, as evidenced by these twenty well selected comics. With his cartoons, which appeal to readers of all ages, he lightheartedly parodies family problems, technology, and the absurdity of modern living.

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