20 Laugh-Out-Loud Fantasy and Parody World of Rubes Comics

The comic strip “Rubes,” which was created by cartoonist Leigh Rubin, is a monument to the potency of sarcasm and comedy. “Rubes” has provided readers with a humorous, unconventional perspective of the world for more than thirty years with its inventive and frequently ludicrous events.One of “Rubes'” strongest points is its ability to make light of many facets of human life while yet remaining lighthearted.

Humor Comics

Renowned comic book creator Leigh Rubin has won over fans with his ability to draw comics that feature absurdly humorous scenarios. Twenty of Rubin’s hilarious comics that are sure to have you in stitches are covered in this section.

Rubin distinguishes his comics from others with his own graphic flair and sharp humor. Language constraints don’t stop the humor in each comic as each familiar topic is given a humorous twist. Rubin’s imagination is endless, whether it is through anthropomorphic creatures having humorous conversations or commonplace things adopting strange new roles.

Credit Leigh Rubin

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