20 Humor Comics are Packed with Wise Jokes

Humor Comics: These comics delve into the depths of sarcasm, satire, and the macabre, offering a unique blend of humor that is not for the faint-hearted. From witty one-liners to thought-provoking social commentary, each comic on this list promises to push the boundaries of conventional comedy.

Humor Comics

Whether you enjoy dark humor as a guilty pleasure or appreciate its ability to shed light on uncomfortable truths, these 20 comics will leave you laughing while simultaneously questioning your own sanity.

So sit back, brace yourself for some twisted laughs, and embark on this journey through the world of dark and intense humor with our handpicked selection of comics.

Credit: Maria Scrivan

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#1. Don’t Know

#2. To Do List

#3. Water Is Wet

#4. Dog’s Brain

#5. Delivery

#6. How’s The Book?

#7. Live Stream

#8. Cookies

#9. Coffee Lover

#10. Unfriend

#11. Ignore

#12. Doesn’t Surprise Me

#13. Batman Day

#14. Toilet Paper

#15. Batman Planning

#16. Comments Read

#17. Age

#18. Third Eye


#19. Rides


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