20 Funniest Moments of the pickle Comics

Brian Crane’s Pickles comics have delighted readers for over 20 years with his lovable characters and realistic comedy. An endearing and funny snapshot of married life in its prime, this comic strip follows the daily exploits of Earl and Opal Pickles, an elderly couple whose lighthearted banter and domestic pranks are the subject of much affection.

Pickle Comics

These 20 amusing pickle jokes are just what you need if you’re searching for something to lift you up and make you laugh. With their clever quips and entertaining puns, these comics will make you grin and offer a much-needed break from the routine of life.

These comics will definitely add some pleasure to your life, ranging from silly jokes to absurdist fare. Enjoy these 20 pickle comics that will rekindle your affection while you kick back and unwind!

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  1. I love Earl, opal, Nelson, Roscoe and even the evil cat, I think they are very humerus, I love Roscoe’s expressions .
    I don’t nag my husband like Opal does Earl but some of our situations are very similar , it’s really sweet when they’re nice to each other.