18 Hilarious Comics Everyone Should See and Enjoy

Finding laughter in the unexpected is one of “Speed Bump’s” defining characteristics. Coverly takes readers on imaginative trips where everyday objects become remarkable due to the pleasantly unorthodox interactions between humans, animals, and inanimate objects.

Humor Comics

This section features 18 funny comics that are sure to make you grin, written by the incredibly gifted Dave Coverly. For years, readers have enjoyed the clever and humorous comic strip “Speed Bump,” created by Dave Coverly, for which he is well known. His smart and funny presentation of ordinary occurrences and human peculiarities is a recurring theme in his comics.

These 18 carefully chosen comics highlight Coverly’s singular talent for finding humor in the everyday. He makes lighthearted fun of technology, family issues, and the ridiculousness of contemporary life in his cartoons, which delight readers of all ages.

Credit Dave Coverly

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