12 Inspirational Dog Hero Stories Better Than Any Marvel Film

Inspirational Dog: Want to feel good about dogdom? The dogs in this collection of inspiring and uplifting stories will be sure to make your day better than any Marvel movie. The stories are told in an engaging manner and each page is bursting with bright color and a full page of photos showing what really happened.

Inspirational Dog

Dog Heroism is a collection of inspiring stories about the heroics of the humble pug, from surviving the wrath of a hurricane to saving his owners, while they were out of the house.  These tales are explored by some of the greatest writers and illustrators in children’s books.

Take a look at 12 of the most courageous dogs in history, who have rescued people in scenarios ranging from fires to violence to 9/11. There is even a handful in here that have not only saved people but also other creatures in perilous situations. So please join me in congratulating these canines who have dedicated their lives to making ours safer.



Inspirational Dog




Inspirational Dog


Inspirational Dog


Inspirational Dog

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Inspirational Dog



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