With Their Funny Behaviors, Old Lady Maxine and Aunty Acid Makes Everyone Laugh.

Social networking sites abound that make an effort to make people chuckle. Maxine’s Place Comics is among them. Due to its straightforward design and one-line joke, this greeting card and comic series has become incredibly famous worldwide. The talented writer who possessed this comic strip in 1986 is John Wagner. His greatest love is for his grandma, and he dreams of sharing her life and hilarious antics with people everywhere.

When it comes to his artistic output, artist John Wagner primarily draws inspiration from the humorous anecdotes and experiences of an elderly woman known only as Maxine.

Maxine seems to have nice-looking straight hair that is just the right length for her fair hair. Maxine typically exudes an air of stupidity that conceals her sensitive nature and sharp intelligence. Her face appears dramatic due to the usual strength and precision of her eyebrows.

By reading the following part, you can see some of Maxine’s and Aunty Acid’s hilarious behaviors:

























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