20 Beautifully Illustrate An Old Lady’s Daily Life in Maxine’s Place Comics

Maxine Places was created by John Wagner. 20 National Maxine Places Comics to make your day more cheerful and energetic. It makes your heart happy to read articles about Maxine Places.

Maxine’s Place Comics

We’re back to talk about a comic book series that explores the daily lives of elderly people. We begin to assume it’s Maxine whenever a comic series on the adventures of elderly women is mentioned. We believe that Maxine’s Place Comics doesn’t require an introduction.

Grandma Maxine is not like the others. She is an independent elderly woman with unexpected turns in her life. She is the humorous primary character of Maxine’s comics, and most of the time she is shown in various hilarious circumstances.

#1. Start Lifting Weight

#2. Safe From Zombies

#3. Fairy God Mother

#4. The Gap

#5. Good News

#6. The Last Guy

#7. Balancing

#8. Leg Shaving Season

#9. Fart Noise Ringtone

#10. Nothing Left to Loose

#11. Electronic Clearance Sales

#12. Washing Machine

#13. Maxine Want to Stay Healthy

#14. Just Found Out

#15. Forest Animals

#16. Last Airline

#17. Read on The Bus

#18. Six More Weeks of Football

#19. Remember

#20. Biggest Competition

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