Maxine’s and Aunty Acid’s 24 single-panel comics on their experiences.

Superheroes and other mythical creatures didn’t move the John Wagner the craftsman of Maxine. Nonetheless, he tracks down motivation in the resilient ladies in his day to day existence, particularly his aunties, grandma, and mother. These women with various characters turned into the establishment for Maxine’s personality. The old woman character seems to have an extraordinary look that is generally described by his cocked eyebrows, wavy silver hair, and dark glasses.

The old woman character in his comics is constantly tracked down in clever circumstances. Her perceptions about existence can be silly and in some cases entertaining. The craftsman gets motivation for new hello card plans by drawing upon areas of strength for the of the ladies in his day to day existence. This comic series began with a straightforward thought, yet it is notable in the realm of comics now.

























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