24 Maxine’s Place and Aunty Acid’s Cartoons for Lovers of One-Panel Comedy

Those who have been Maxine’s longtime fans understood and knew more about her, so they didn’t need her introduction. We’re going to tell you all about Maxine Comics, so don’t worry if you’re seeing her for the first time. Maxine is an elderly woman in her last years who shares her experiences and hardships on social media.

It is a common misconception that Maxine creates her drawings herself. Because an American artist by the name of John Wagner is the brains behind this comic book series. He had a lengthy and prosperous career in the British comics industry before he invented Maxine for Hallmark. Greeting card comics were his first creations as a professional.

It was while creating greeting cards that he got the idea to launch his own comic book series. With the name Maxine, his grandma is the most well-known character in his comics.

See whether any of Maxine’s and Aunty Acid’s experiences resonate with you by reading through this section:

























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